Track Your Emails with Confidence Using BlackPearl Diver’s Email Tracking Tool

Have you ever wondered what happens to your email after you click send? With our email tracking solution, there’s no more guessing.

Every email you send out is important, which is why capturing data is crucial to providing insight into what you should do next. A good email tracking tool will not only track your emails but also provide information you can use to win prospects.

Track your emails and turn engaged recipients into satisfied customers.

Track your emails using BlackPearl Diver and turn engaged recipients into satisfied customers

Discover the power of email tracking software’s top features

Discover the true potential of your email campaigns with Pearl Diver’s top-notch email tracking features, empowering you with real-time insights and actionable data to optimize your email communication and drive better results.
Discover the true potential of your email campaigns with Pearl Diver's top-notch tracking features
Real-time notifications
Stay on top of your emails

Real-time notifications are a great way to stay on top of all the emails you send out. Receive alerts the second your emails are opened or clicked. Real-time notifications allow you to know the moment you’re top of mind, letting you craft a well-timed email response.

With Pearl Diver’s real-time notifications, you can keep track of your audience’s engagement and respond promptly when they are most interested in your message.

Open & click tracking
Understand your email recipient’s journey

Track every opened email or click on your body links, social icons, or banners. These key email metrics will help you understand your email recipient’s journey. Did they click the elements you wanted them to? Or did they open it and send it to the trash? With open & click tracking, you’ll never wonder – you’ll know.  


You’ll have a clear understanding of your audience’s engagement and can tailor your email communication strategy to their needs.

Delivery status
Eliminate email anxiety

Email anxiety is real, which is why delivery statuses are a handy way to track your emails. With Pearl Diver’s delivery status tracking, you can easily search and receive the status of every email you send out. You’ll know whether your email was ever delivered, opened, or ignored, giving you peace of mind and confidence. 

Additionally, you can use this information to identify potential issues and take corrective actions if necessary.

Daily summary
Analyze email analytics and identify trends

The daily summary is a recap curated to the information that is important to you. This allows you to look at your email analytics, identify trends and get a glimpse of your successes with your emails. 

Pearl Diver’s daily reports provide an easy-to-read overview of your email’s performance which can be used to make data-driven decisions and improve your results.

Back-in-market alerts
Identify re-engaged leads

Back-in-market alerts include people who haven’t engaged with you for a long time and have recently re-engaged through email interaction or website visits. This is a great way to identify leads that weren’t ready to make the leap before, however, now are interested in getting started. 

Pearl Diver’s back-to-market alerts let you capitalize on these new opportunities and convert interested prospects into loyal customers. Moreover, with this feature, you can create targeted campaigns, enhance email engagement rates, gain comprehensive tracking details, and transform mass emails into successful marketing campaigns.

Stop guessing and start making data-driven decisions with Pearl Diver

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Discover prospects & turn them into customers with email tracking

Each feature of our email tracking system provides you with powerful tools to not only give you incredible insight into your conversations but also the data you need to take action. 

Pearl Diver empowers you to take control of your sales pipeline and drive results by converting prospects into loyal customers.


Click & link tracking


Receive data on which links are getting clicked in your emails and gain insight into what content resonates most with your audience. Use this to direct your efforts on people who are engaging and curate your emails to focus on what they are clicking on.

By tracking link clicks, you can personalize your follow-up emails and send relevant content to potential customers based on their interests.



Close the response time gap


Did you know that 79% more deals are closed by a response time within 5 minutes after they engage with your email? With open notifications, you can easily shorten your response time, and in return, close more deals!

Pearl Diver enables you to get instant alerts when someone opens your email, so you can follow up immediately while you are still top of mind.


Measure performance


When you buy email tracking software, you acquire valuable metrics that can help you measure your email performance to make smart and data-driven decisions.

See what’s working and what’s not, and adjust your approach accordingly. Pearl Diver provides you with a detailed dashboard that displays all of this information in one easy-to-use interface.

Leverage our data platform to take your marketing and sales efforts to the next level.


Identify opportunities


Using an email platform for automation and tracking is a great way to find opportunities. Don’t waste your time on recipients who are ghosting you, instead, you can reach out to those who are more likely to be responsive.

Identify opportunities based on their email activity and prioritize them for follow-up, so you can focus on those who are most likely to convert into customers. Work smarter, not harder with Pearl Diver,  and achieve better results in less time.

Revolutionize your email campaigns with advanced email-tracking software

Transform the way you communicate and collaborate with Pearl Diver. Whether you’re sending bulk emails or focusing on personalized campaigns, our email tracking feature is adaptable to your needs.

Email tracking is for every department

Email tracking isn’t for a particular job title. Any role, including business owners, can use these tools to help them succeed in their email communications.




Access detailed analytics on your marketing efforts and use this data to make informed decisions on what to do next. Use the daily summary to analyze your data as a whole to determine the success of your email marketing campaigns.


Customer Service


Provide exceptional customer support by following the journey of your customers. With click and link tracking you can see if your customers opened your files. Additionally, provide record-time responses by utilizing open notifications.




Gain immediate data on what is working and what isn’t with a sales engagement platform. Each email you send allows you to perfectly craft a response regarding your recipients’ actions. Use notifications for email opens to stay on top of your prospects and leads, enabling you to tailor your sales pitch and enhance your overall sales process.


And beyond!


Whether you’re waiting for a response from your boss or working on an opportunity, email tracking can ensure your next move is the right one for your business.

Add website visitor tracking to your toolbox

Identify 10x more opportunities from your website traffic with Pearl Diver. This traffic is identified by using an identity resolution graph powered by our world-leading data co-operatives, providing demographic and firmographic data. This powerful combination of a website visitor and email tracking will put you back in control of the purchasing cycle.
Email tracking is for every department


Identify Opportunities


Turn website visits into prospects and know who your most engaged prospects are, enabling successful communication.


Improve Email Engagement


Track email opens, the proposal reads, and website visits. Analyze the history of email opens to determine the perfect time for maximum receptivity. Time your follow-ups effectively and close deals faster.


Boost Conversion Rates


Increase the probability of opportunities and making sales by connecting within 5 minutes of customer engagement with your email.


Make Data-Driven Decisions


Get insights into website visitors, including company name, industry, and location, to optimize marketing strategies, and maximize ROI by leveraging data-driven insights.


Prioritize Opportunities Effectively


Identify and prioritize opportunities with the greatest potential using enriched customer profiles with up to 30 additional fields of data including name, email address, job title, phone number, LinkedIn profile, and company contact details.

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What are email tracking tools?
Email tracking tools collect data on your emails allowing you to track their performance. This includes but is not limited to, email delivery status, email opens, and email clicks.
How does email tracking software work?
You should install a unique tracking pixel to collect data directly from your website to start tracking website visitors. Then Pearl Diver accesses an identity graph across an ecosystem of strategic partners that uses customer personal identifiers to enrich a customer profile with up to 30 additional fields.
Why should you track your emails?
You can see who interacts with your website and email to reach your business goals through marketing automation and timely sales pitches. Also, this analytic tool will help your marketing team personalize their activities and increase your traffic conversion rates. In addition, your sales team will have access to highly qualified leads.
What are some benefits of email tracking?
The limit of identified leads depends on the pricing tier you select.
Is email tracking software legal?
Yes, email tracking software is legal. It does not store any personal data and doesn’t gain access to your email content or account.
How much does email tracking service cost?
Pearl Diver pricing starts from $387 USD per month and includes a visitor tracking dashboard, hotlist, email tracking, and branding.
How much time does it take to implement email tracking?
Pearl Diver pricing starts from $198 USD per month and includes a visitor tracking dashboard, hotlist, email tracking, and branding.
I still have questions
Pearl Diver pricing starts from $198 USD per month and includes a visitor tracking dashboard, hotlist, email tracking, and branding.